Tuesday, 26 February 2013

1920s Costume designs for new opera Lulu

Fashion - The Welsh National Opera's new production, Lulu, has gone on tour and costume designer Marie-Jeanne Lecca has shared her creations with me.

The story is set in the 1920s and revolves around free-spirit Lulu as she leaves a trail of heartbroken men in her wake. The costumes are devastatingly chic and dazzling.

Costume designs for Lulu. Welsh National Opera pictures.
Marie-Jeanne said: "Lulu is never an easy work as no-one is nice in this piece, which makes its approach quite difficult. It is based on Wedekind's plays The Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box, which is also called the Tragedy of Monsters. For me, this very title lead to the cabaret-zoo idea set roughly in the 1920s."
Marie-Jeanne Lecca's beautiful 1920s designs for new opera Lulu
"Lulu is referred to as 'The Serpent', so like a serpent, she changes her skin, her clothes, moving from one character to another, devouring them.
The male costume designs are as detailed as the women's in Lulu
"One of the ideas I had from the very start was "her" fabric  - her skin of sequins, cold, reptiliian and very figure hugging. Femme-fleur, Femme-enfant , femme-fatale.
Cabaret of the 1920s meets the zoo in Lulu. Welsh National Opera pictures.

The Welsh National Opera is on tour with Lulu, find out more at: Welsh National Opera website

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